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Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) is developing a line of small hypersonic flight products, unmanned orbital reentry capsules, and heat shield technologies to support future space flight research and sample return applications.

Protecting aerospace structures and payloads up to Mach 25. We got that.

Our smallest reentry devices, RED-Data2 and RED-Test, will serve as affordable expendable test beds to study thermal protection system performance and spacecraft breakup during reentry from Earth orbit. The first space flight of our RED-Data2 capsule is expected in late 2016.

Getting mass to orbit is hard. Getting mass back down to Earth safely is even harder.

Limited down mass is a major barrier to commercial utilization of outer space. Larger versions of TVA’s RED devices such as our recoverable RED-4U and RED-25 will offer payload compartments for safe return of space-based manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceutical products.

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TVA’s RED-Data2 Flight Units Ready for Launch Integration for OA-7

ATLANTA, GA, February 27, 2017 – Terminal Velocity Aerospace’s first three RED-Data2 flight units have completed checkout at NASA Johnson Space Center and have arrived at NASA Kennedy Space Center ready for integration into a Cygnus cargo vehicle for flight to the International Space Station (ISS). Launch is currently scheduled for early morning of March […]


Karla Wagner Joins TVA as Spring Intern

Atlanta, GA. January 23, 2017. Terminal Velocity Aerospace, LLC is pleased to welcome Ms. Karla Wagner to its technical staff as an engineering intern for the Spring 2017 semester. Ms. Wagner is a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) where she was the […]

Red Data

RED-Data 2 Flight Units Delivered to NASA JSC

ATLANTA, GA, December 22, 2016 – Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) has completed a major milestone on its development of low cost reentry data recorders and hypersonic flight test platforms. The company’s first three RED-Data 2 space flight units were shipped from TVA’s headquarters in Atlanta to NASA Johnson Space Center on November 16 for eventual […]

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